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Classmates: 1962-1963 Grade 2 Mrs. Vanderveer

The Classmates Project is an effort to re-build my elementary and middle-school years by first, finding the names of all my classmates, and second, rounding them up into an online group. You can read more in the introductory post.
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[One strange thing here: I'm shown twice! Both C4 and C9 are little old me. Weird, huh?]
A1 Stuart Maude
A2 Ana Varona
A3 Mrs. Vanderveer
A7 Mr. William Breon
A8 Sharon Wheeler
B1 Mark Martinez
B2 Collette ?
B4 Melinda Powell
B5 Tom Rauth
B6 Kathleen Caputo (sp?)
B7 Joe Oliveras (sp?)
B9 Rick Thompson
C1 Doug Buchan (?)
C3 Steve Yanagisako
C4 Jim Baquet
C9 Jim Baquet (again!)
D1 Arthur Ybarra
D2 Sharon Townsend
D5 David Rowden
D8 Janelle McKay
D9 Ricky Reed
See all of my classmates

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