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Classmates: 1961-1962 Grade 1 Mrs. Barker

The Classmates Project is an effort to re-build my elementary and middle-school years by first, finding the names of all my classmates, and second, rounding them up into an online group. You can read more in the introductory post.

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Many of these names were written by my mother on the back of the picture, probably based on what I told her. The rest is filled in from memory. HELP!

A1 Arthur Ybarra
A2 Joe Oliveras (sp?)
A6 Ricky Reed (sp?)
A7 Robert ?

B1 Leslie ?
B2 Rusty Spade
B3 Sharon Townsend
B4 Mrs. Marilyn Barker
B5 Valerie Vaughn
B6 Walter Kay (sp?)
B7 Andy ?

C1 Ricky Thompson
C2 Monica ?
C3 Patricia Schintz
C4 Karen Yagami
C5 Sabrina Salmon
C6 Jack Smith
C7 Craig Guire

D1 Tom Rauth
D2 Virginia Clawson
D3 Velma Ayala
D5 Kathleen Caputo (sp?)
D6 Jim Baquet
D7 Doug Plummer

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